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How to turn off Microsoft Security

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Hello, I’m currently using a computer with Windows 11 installed and I’ve been exploring its various features. One of the components I’ve come across is Microsoft Security. While I appreciate the importance of having a robust security system in place, there are instances where I might need to disable it temporarily. For example, when installing certain software or performing specific tasks that require this security feature to be turned off.

I understand that disabling Microsoft Security might expose my computer to potential threats, so I want to ensure that I’m taking this step with full knowledge of the implications. Could you please guide me through the process of disabling Microsoft Security? I’m particularly interested in knowing how to turn it off and on again, and what precautions I should take while it’s disabled.

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 Steps to turn off Microsoft Security

Step 1. On the bottom left click on the Windows icon or click on Search.

Step 2. Type ” Windows Security “.

Step 3.  On the left-hand side click on ” Virus & threat protection “.

Step 4. Now on the right-hand side click on ” Manage Settings ” in ” Virus & Threat Protection Settings “.

Step 5. Here, turn off “Real-time protection “.


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